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Hi. This is a page where I post reviews on books, toys, websites, TV. shows etc. This review will be my first and an example of the layout.


Percy Jackson, The Titans Curse.

WOW!!! Ive only just finished reading it! Its soo good! If you dont know who percy Jackson is read Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, thats the first one in the serise. Ive just finished the 3rd and im still captivated by the first. Its about Greek Mythology (dont turn off now because its serioulsly cool!) and how the ancient greek gods are still alive. I wont tell you much but ill tell you this, Mount Olympus is on the secret 600th floor of the empire state building! How cool is that! Oh yeah, its all about Demigods. Read the books for more info or ask me to see what ill give you.


Walkers World Cup

Country: Japan
Flavor: Japanese Teriyaki Chicken

Review: At first  its much as you would expect from a Chicken flavor crisp, you can just about taste the ginger in it. its all happy and nice until you havefinished the crisp. Then you get a hint of spices at the back of your mouth which deters you from having another. After a few you can taste those spices with the crisp, but for a couple of seconds each crisp renews the initial taste.

Stars: umm…. ***

Summary: Its alright.



1. :D Umph :D - June 12th, 2009


2. timegirl4468 - June 14th, 2009

Its awsome isnt it? Ive read all 5 now. Cant wait for the other Half-Blood books to come!

3. threeheadeddog - June 24th, 2009


4. timegirl4468 - June 27th, 2009

I know! read em alll me, expet the Demigod Files, not got that yet. Mr. D is a bad representation though, Dionysis was a a Golden Haired young God, he wasnt fat at all.

5. Mimo1099 - November 19th, 2009

I have a question. I just started a blog and i’m thinking of a good first post. what did you first write?

timegirl4468 - November 20th, 2009

a quick intro usually works best. thats what i did.

6. Dino68270 - December 4th, 2009

Did you all know Percy Jackson and the lightning theif is gonna be a film? It comes out Feb 2010

7. Timegirl4468 (not singed into wordpress) - December 4th, 2009

I know. I cant wait. seen a… whats it called… a.. trailor! thats the word! Yeah, i have seen a trailor. Percy looks a bit old though….

8. Mimo1099 - February 10th, 2010

hehe the empire state building is in ny i live there!

9. Mimo1099 - February 10th, 2010

how do you underline the words?

10. timegirl4468 - February 12th, 2010

Yes, the empire state building is in your city. you click the U button…

11. Mimo1099 - February 28th, 2010


12. timegirl4468 - March 1st, 2010

Uh, remember, i don’t know/care who the jets are. Unless you want me to go on and on about my fave tennis players over wimbledon. Then i might consider finding out. but then you have to listen/read to/about me going on and on about the william sisters, roger federer, andy murray and whats-his-face-i-can’t-remember.

Mimo1099 - March 15th, 2010

um, ok, deal

timegirl4468 - March 15th, 2010

Alright, so, who are the Jets then?

13. Mimo1099 - March 13th, 2010

what about billie jean king?

14. timegirl4468 - March 15th, 2010


15. Mimo1099 - March 15th, 2010

billie jean king is a famous american tennis player. she is really powerful. but i dont watch tennis (only football, baseball, basketball,soccer and thats pretty much it)

16. timegirl4468 - March 16th, 2010

Oh aye. Well, I’m up-to-date tennis. If you watch all of them, why not tennis? Its no less boring. (Pah, american football. Cooshy rugby with armor)

17. Mimo1099 - March 17th, 2010


Debob1 - November 7th, 2011

american football is nearly the same as rugby but you chose the sissy pads

18. timegirl4468 - March 17th, 2010

Because baseball is boring and american. And American football IS cooshy. Have you ever SEEN rugby? Rugby is a manly sport. I find most sport boring. Even tennis at times.

19. Mimo1099 - March 17th, 2010

ITS NOT BORING TO ME (gets mad squiggles on top of head) >:l

20. Mimo1099 - March 18th, 2010

and the armor isnt for cosmetics. its to protect the player from any injuries (have you ever been hit in the mouth with a football? have you ever been tackled by a bunch of visitors trying to the the football? its no joke. its painful.)

21. timegirl4468 - March 23rd, 2010

Yeah, but American football IS just rugby with armor. Seriously, its EXACTLY THE SAME. But in rugby you don’t get protectin’.

22. Zigi79894 - October 5th, 2010

Your a Percy Jackson fan, too?

23. timegirl4468 - October 6th, 2010

Oh yeah! Percy Jackson is like my bible! (Not really, its an expression in my family as to the book that either 1. got you into reading or 2. opened the doors of imagination in your head) Seriously, for a short time i pretty much lived off Percy’s adventures.

24. Zigi79894 - October 14th, 2010

Me too!

25. timegirl4468 - October 14th, 2010

Wow! Hey, if you were a Demigod (And I’m not saying your not) who d’you think’d be your god-parent?

Zigi79894 - October 15th, 2010


26. timegirl4468 - October 14th, 2010

Have you read Rick’s new books? (The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes Of Olympus)

27. Zigi79894 - October 15th, 2010

2. I’m reading both currently.

28. timegirl4468 - October 15th, 2010

I’m sure my mum’s mum was really Athena, and i think I’ve inherited that, because i’m sure she’s my mum… either that or we’re both children of Athena. But, going by my other traits (other than the intelligence) I go for Hermes. Though, it’s more probably that both me and my mum are both children of Athena, so I stick with Athena. Though ,sometimes I think i’m more related to Hyperion. Don’t ask.

ACH! I’ve read Kane, but i can’t read the Heroes Of Olympus for about a month.

29. Zigi79894 - October 16th, 2010

I’m like Apollo. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved the sun. Also,I’m having some trouble reading Kane.Heroes of Olympus is pretty good so far. Im on about page 200. For Kane, I’m on about 150.

30. timegirl4468 - October 16th, 2010

I wouldn’t know about Heroes of Olympus… I found Kane fine. I’ve read Theodore Boone, so I can pretty much read anything. Kane was a bit slow to start… in a way. Once it gets into it it’s okay.

Zigi79894 - October 17th, 2010

Eh…I beg to differ. I know nothing about Egyptain Mytoligy and I’m already halfway through Horeoes of Olympus.

31. Zigi79894 - October 16th, 2010

I’m still more handsome than Apollo.

Oh, and did you know Mimo’s my neighbr

32. timegirl4468 - October 17th, 2010

… Evil child. I know A LOT about Egyptian Mythology. Hey, Rick explains the gods pretty well me thinks. Have YOU ever tried to come up with a way of modernising Bast? BELIEVE ME. It’s impossible! Even harder for like Khepri. No, Khepri isn’t in it. I don’t think so, anyway.

Yes, i knew that. And I’m pretty sure my Grandmother is really Athena and my Dad is Hyperion. Who is now a maple tree. Damn satyr…

33. Zigi on DSi - October 17th, 2010


34. Biokid0 - October 17th, 2010

So uhh…I would say that I’m probably Athena’s son if I were to choose…but uhh… WHEN I GO TO COLLEGE I’M GONNA MOVE TO ENGLAND….cuz you know…it’s free….XD And also cuz they actually teach you more so it’s better….So I might meet you in the future! Or not…I don’t really know…XD

CPA Strategist Zigi79894 - November 1st, 2010


35. Zigi79894/Airhawk1 - October 18th, 2010

I have a new CP name: Airhawk1

36. timegirl4468 - October 18th, 2010


Had to get exited about that. Is college College or is college Uni? I presume Uni. Maybe. I dunno… Well, no matter where you end up in England, we have an okay train service. I like trains. I don’t go on them often.

ANYWAY, what i was attempting to convey there was when/if you come to england, i’ll probably come bother you on a train. Whether you like it or not.

37. Zigi79894/Airhawk1 - October 18th, 2010

Timegirl, were you ever in any other armies? I was in a few other than CPA. Now, I’m not in any.

timegirl4468 - October 18th, 2010

I created the CPE at one point, but that was short-lived. So no, not really.

38. timegirl4468 - October 18th, 2010

Hey, Bio, we haven’t had a live conversation in AGES. I liked our conversations.

39. Zigi79894/Airhawk1 - October 18th, 2010

Hi, Bio. I never knew you, but can I talk to ou?

40. Zigi79894/Airhawk1 - October 18th, 2010

What happened to Vioulet.

41. timegirl4468 - October 18th, 2010

She left, I think. She came back.

Zigi79894/Airhawk1 - October 19th, 2010

Well say hi when you talk to her. We were very freindly.

42. Biokid0 - October 18th, 2010

Hi. And here, college and University are pretty much the same thing. Difference is that University usually is more expensive, and teaches more/better. Let’s just say that I’m most likely going to England when I finish high school. So let’s just say that I’ll be there in about 4 years? Maybe 3 and a half. Or 3. Depending if I finish High School early or not. So yeah. My dad was pushing for Spain, but I told him no, because I really dislike reading and writing in Spanish. Thus, I’ll be going to England. Because he says England teaches more, and is free. And I won’t be illegal, since I’ll have a Spanish citizenship. WOO! Thank goodness for European Union in this case. And I’ll most likely end up being an English citizen once I finish college/university. So yeah…GO EU! Lol About the live chat, I’m thinking maybe Saturday. You know, About 1:30pm Central time…I think that’s 7:30 over there right? Any change in time let me know.

43. timegirl4468 - October 19th, 2010

See, here, college is years 12-13 (So when your 16-17) (actually years 13-14, because we have reception THEN year one) and Uni is after that. So yeah, to me you’re coming for Uni. Which makes sense. I don’t know about free. Probably free. Maybe free. I dunno these days. Everything costs more. Um, Saturday is probably a no, cause I’m going to me brothers 21st birthday party and party *Yawn* and probably wont be back home till about 9 or something. Sunday, though, would be perfectly fine.

44. Biokid0 - October 19th, 2010

We’ll see I guess.

45. timegirl4468 - October 24th, 2010

Yeah. Still today, still 1.30 central.

46. Biokid0 - October 25th, 2010

I’M SORRY I COULDN’T GET ON!!! Please forgive me. I was gone for the weekend…please don’t hurt me… XD But yeah I’m sorry I couldn’t get on.

47. timegirl4468 - October 25th, 2010

‘salright. I guessed as much. Next weekend? (I can’t hurt you. You’re in the US.)

48. Biokid0 - October 26th, 2010

Meh. It’s what I usually say to people. I’ll try next weekend. Right now I have the flu.

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