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Chriiiiiistmaaaaas! December 15th, 2011

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It’s nearly Christmas, guys! Yaaaay. Woop. De. Doo.

No, no… I am excited, honest. I’m getting loads more than I can afford but I’m just a bit down this year. 2011 has been a bit rubbish. You have to admit.

Only a short post, but I will say – What are you guys getting?

Extras updated.

– Time


Phones! November 9th, 2011

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Getting  little bit obsessed with them. Buying them, searching them out, hunting for thr best deals… It’s one of my talents and almost a hobby. E-Shopping in general is one of those things I like to do. I don’t know why. I just enjoy it.

Anyway, I have a new phone and I’m typing on it now. Got to go: Biology to do!

– Timegirl Out

P.S. Gonna change my icon. It’s been the same for nearly three years

Band, Watches and OH OSIRIS… October 9th, 2011

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I’ve got myself into a band. Isn’t that lovely. First meeting of all the band members this Saturday, pretty excited. Going to Manchester. I’ve met two members of the four; one’s my brother and the other is my brother’s mate, whom I shall call B from this moment on. B is pretty cool. My brother is, obviously, my brother and will remain that way. B is a guitarist, E, the other band member, is also a guitarist, I’m gonna learn bass and my brother is going to be on drums. Lovely jubbly. as we move on I’ll keep you informed.

I got a new watch. Ain’t that nice.

Oh Osiris… Gosh, my life is messed…

… This site needs a new header…

– Timegirl

Holiday and School September 15th, 2011

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One should follow the other, but the other should not follow the one. Well, they do. Never ending cycle…

Anyway, holiday was nice. Didn’t get stuff done, as always. But I guess that’s how it goes. Went to Holyhead and saw all the poor poor people going to Ireland and all the lucky, lucky people coming into Wales.

Onto School. I have a 31 hour week (Approx). 3 hours on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and RE. 4 hours on English. 5 on Maths. 1 on ‘other’. This year… GCSE passing. No slacking. No skydiving. Nothing.


Another General Update! July 29th, 2011

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Hurray! Yet another post about lots of stuff! We all love these… right?

Birthday Dilemma

I need to decide a couple of things before my birthday can go ahead.
1. Birthday Present. I need to decide on my other present. I have a limit of about £30-£35. I probably want a video game… I like simple(ish, I do like to have to use my brain a bit. I just don’t particularly like a ‘challenge) puzzle/strategy games, Platformers… You know; Zelda, Star Wars Unleashed, Fat Princess… That sorta thing. I can do DS games, 3DS games, Wii games, Gamecude games, PS2 games (But nor preferred)… That’s about it. I don’t have a PS3 nor an Xbox, so those consoles are out of the question.

Brother Again

Yay. My brother is coming over next week. Well, I have more hope than last time, but… Well, this will be ‘interesting’ at least.


I have the best dog in the world. For me. We’ve been teaching her sit. After about ten minutes she had it. She only doesn’t do it… If she doesn’t feel like it. She is a bit rebellious on the verbal command front, but somehow I don’t think she quite understands that when we say stuff to her we want her to do it now.

That’s about it. New post on Extras tomorrow.

~Timegirl out.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (No Spoilers) July 16th, 2011

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So. I’m going to see it on Wednesday. Can’t. Wait. Now, hopefully the internet won’t spoil this one like it did the last one.

Now, speaking of the last one, I was meant to see this at the cinema with my mates. I didn’t. Guess what spoiled it. No, it wasn’t more important engagements. No, it wasn’t my mother. Ah, yes, you. You got it right. It was the goddam snow. I need to get the bus into town to get to Vue, that or spend an hour going down a steep-ish hill on ICE! Now, I live in Britain. I live in a smallish town in Britain. We have a private bus company (paid by the council, of course). Get one snowflake fall in the path of the bus and it’s probably cancelled. My mates made it, both of them, but I stood in the cold for about an hour at a bus stop. Yes sirree, I had so much fun until an old lady told us it was cancelled. What’s worse was I was the ride home for my mates; thankfully they both got home. Parents are so useful.

Now, that was winter. This is summer. Zapdos should protect me from bus failures. But what else can go wrong? Everything. That’s what. Thankfully, I’m taking my elder brother so even if I am stranded outside Vue, clutching a text-code while my friends watch an epic film, I will have him to amuse me. He is my dancing monkey.

Oh? The telly is trying to spoil it for me. It’s already told me that -the rest of this sentence included spoiler, which I promised not to give in the title so like a sensible person I have moved rooms and put on music. Shut up, documentary!

The friends I mentioned are:
Ulrich A good friend with an okay blog. He doesn’t update often, but, then again, neither do I.

Megamonsters I seriously wish I could draw like her. I’ve recommended her before. Check her out. Check her out now. She is mad.

Another guy

Marshall Talented writer, this one. I love him so.

Timegirl out.


Man Down July 11th, 2011

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Today I just noticed that I’m one man down.

I bet you’re like ‘What?’ right now. You should be. That made little sense, until you know what I’m on about…

I tend to surround myself with three close friends. There are two formulas for these three friends. Those are:
Best Friend/ Best Friend Available
Back-Up Friend
Back-Up Friend
Significant Other
Best Friend/ Best Friend Available
Back-Up Friend

I need all three to have sufficient back up in all situations. If you’re interested, there are metaphorical formations for both of these as well, symbolizing the different relationships between me and my friends. I will draw diagrams and remember to post them up here. Well, I will do the first but probably not the second. Sorry guys. They’ll get onto dA, at least.

As I said. I’m down a back-up. How can I get one? Well, one of the few people in the category of ‘close to back-up’ have to prove themselves. Well, there goes any chance of a back-up…


Dearest Brother? July 5th, 2011

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Well, yesterday my brother came home. Yup. I didn’t know what to think; he’s been away for some time. He’s coming back for two weeks and, so far, he’s been okay. Other than not getting patriotism. Not something I can agree with…

In other news, I’m super (trooper lights are gonna find ya, shining like the sun, smiling having fun, feeling like you’re number one) happy right now. Okay, well, not right now, but right now in general. Yes siree, I am. Certain people know exactly why and if you want to know you’re gonna have to ask, ’cause I’m not saying here.

Well, did I ever tell you I have a puppy now? I do. She’s called Tess. She’s a Welsh Collie. I will take pictures and post them here.

New post on Extras.



Update-O-Page July 2nd, 2011

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I finally got around to updating a few of my pages! Oh good! Photos, About, Home Ed, Links and Websites and Extras is updated, I think. Music will be updated in a while once I review a few of my favorite artists and albums (The the list: I Am Arrows, The Hoosiers, Lady Gaga, The War Of The Worlds, Jessie J, Charlie McDonnell) and  any reviews in that will also head over to the Reviews page. I’ll update the Blog Novel once I’ve started writing it again; I’m planning on writing tomorrow so that might be soon. Might not. I’m going to try and write The Only Hope and Taking Over, so the Blog Novel might not get done. We’ll see, shant we?

In other news, if you do have to Extras password, there will be some important posts going up over the next few weeks.

More news; my brother is coming home for a week or two on Monday. I don’t know what he’ll be like. His fiance just broke up with him but I doubt he’ll be that bothered. I’ve, once again, vowed not to act different around him than I would my other brothers. I know this will not work, but I can try, surely? All I really want him to do is acknowledge that I’m not a child anymore. I may only be 14 but I really don’t act it and I do not have the pleasure of the responsibilities of one. I hope it can see that and will treat me better. I may have been, what, 11 when it left and still acted as though I were about 7, but I defiantly do not now.


RSI June 11th, 2011

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Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster it is so annoying. I have the urge to write. I have a thousand scenes and ideas running around in my head. I’m almost permanently tired right now, and I work more creatively when tired. But, and there is always a but, I have mild RSI in my left wrist. I have to wear a constricting bandage thing and keep tying to a minimum, since that is how I got the injury to begin with. It doesn’t hurt while I type, but it stops me picking up stuff or carrying stuff properly. So typing is down. That means writing is down, because my handwriting can be so appalling that even I can’t read it after I’ve written it, and I know what it’s meant to say… So I haven’t been able to write. I really need to. I’ve just gotten over a writers block (I got RSI while in a writers block, aren’t I so amazing?) so the rush of ideas is only just beginning. I wish my wrist would hurry up and heal…

Even though I am technically right handed I predominantly use my left hand for typing. To be honest, I’ve verging on ambidextrous. I use three fingers, though often only two, on my left hand while using just my index finger on my right. My left wrist does a lot more moving than my right; my right elbow moves, not the wrist. This means that I have got this stupid RSI and can’t type properly. Even as I type this, which is probably a bad idea, I can see it littered with spelling mistakes due to this bandage I have on and the RSI itself.

For those who don’t know, RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. Often associated with gaming, this can be causes by any repetitive movement my any limbs, predominantly the arms. This can effect most of the joints in your arm, from your shoulder to your wrist. I don’t think it effects your fingers but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got RSI in their finger. The basic way to heal it is to rest the joint from repetitive movements, thus stopping any further damage. If ignored, it can cause serious problems in the joints. Hence why I’m not ignoring it… entirely. Typing and gaming are some of the more common causes. As a writer, a particularly active one with too much time on her hands, it doesn’t surprise me I have some RSI. It just annoys me.

To anyone reading this who writes, draws or plays video games a lot, I recommend stopping for ten minutes if your wrist starts hurting. Seriously. Avoid the month or so of torture I’m getting. Please.

Silver Lining: Drawing is up. I just sketched the first page of a comic that was going to be a written scene. ’cause I was frustrated. You need so little story for one page of a comic, seriously…