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This is the wonderful about page! Since I always look for the about page when I go on a site, to know what to expect, so when I finally realised I didn’t have one I was telling myself “Why are you being a bit of an idiot? Put what you look for in a site on your site!”.

That aside, here is the actual page.

I am Timegirl4468, and this is my blog. I’m a 15 year old English girl, but don’t let that give you a stereotype for my blog. I’m 15: it’s going to be full of teenage nonsense. Um, not exactly. Yes, it tells the story of my life but that is not all teenage nonsense. English: It’s going to be all posh sounding and politicly correct. Not politicly correct, but, yes, the grammar will be right and it will be in proper English… and yes, I’m rather patriotic, but I try not to shove it in your face too much. Girl: No, it’s not going to be full of boys and make up and useless nonsense like that. I’m not one of those girls! Seriously! Honestly! Truthfully! You get the idea!

Okay, so I catalogue anything interesting in my life  and tell you about it. That’s pretty much it really. I’m meant to keep a track on all of my pages, updating them and telling you about it, but I, uh, generally don’t. I need to get better at that…

My life is not, by far, the most interesting of lives. I don’t do much, and trying to tell you things and keeping my friends identities secret is a bit more than difficult. Thankfully at least one of them has a WordPress account, so now I can blurt out all the things I do with him, and I can tell you who he is! Isn’t that wonderful?

I tend to talk about nothing on my blog, for I do nothing. Occasionally I will say something interesting, or point you in the direction of something interesting. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to tell you all the e-comics I read soon…

My life is not a normal one, I write novels and don’t go to school, but it’s not an especially interesting one. If you want drama, look away now. The likelihood of that happening is extremely small, and usually I do not share that drama. I have several ‘interesting’ things going on right now, but do I tell them to the world? No, I would keep my blog secret if I did that. Actually, it wouldn’t be a blog. It’d be a diary. If I was going to do a diary, I would not create a blog. I would create a diary.

I might post some of my writing every so often, an interesting scene or I will probably start writing pacifically for my Blog in a bit. I have to come up with a suitable idea first. Well, that’s about it of my ramblings.

So, summary; Drama: Only when it’s my fiction. Interesting: Not really. Real life: Yeah, I am real. Honest. Something you want to read: I don’t know, do you?


P.S. If you were wondering about the Extras page, well, it’s out of bounds. You can only get the password from me and then you get to find out what it is.



1. Biokid0 - December 10th, 2010

FIRST! Do I get a prize? XD Ok i’m kidding. I think…. ok then. Uhh… so… I’m 14… my screen name/user name/secret agent codename identity is BioHacker2. But on CP related topics i go by biokid0. and on confusing topics i go by bio. So…I’m a guy. I’m boring. I’m American. I’m slightly weird. (By slightly i mean a lot…at least thats what my friends think XD) What else? I really don’t care for my country enough to be considered “Patriotic” For I have too many countries to love. USA. Argentina. England. Spain. And uhh…I choose Canada. XD Ok I’m kidding about Canada. I’ve never been there. And I will be moving to England at the end of 12th year. Maybe 1 year earlier or later. At least I hope too. And…I have good grammar, and spelling. I actually know better spelling than the average American kid. so…that’s weird, because I’m not actualy AMERICAN. Yes I live here, and was born here, but I’m more Spanish than American. I guess I could write more things, but I’m starting to think this paragraph monster is getting out of control. Good bye!

2. Biokid0 - December 10th, 2010

Maybe monster of a paragraph. Well I just mean big paragraph. That is kind of TOO big. But whatever.

3. timegirl4468 - December 11th, 2010

Ha ha, it’s not THAT long. I’ve written paragraphs that are pages long… Yes, I then went back and split it up, but that’s beside the point. I’m weird too. very weird. Did I mention that? I don’t think I did… I shall have to put that in. It shall have a paragraph of it’s own, me-thinks. What accent do you have, Bio? ‘Cause I would think American, but you never know.

4. Biokid0 - December 14th, 2010

I have an American accent I think. I wish I had an English one…they’re cool. Someone some day needs to invent an impossible machine that can change your accent. That would be cool. But hopefully I develop an English accent somewhat when I move to England. English people are cool…by their accents, their clothes (Sometimes), the country itself, the history of the country and the people, and I guess that’s it. And it’s in Europe, which is a nice place to live.

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