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Just A Summary January 9th, 2012

Posted by timegirl4468 in Uncategorized.

I cut my hand today. I didn’t try to. I was attempting to open some sherbet. Damn you, Barret. why do you make your sherbet so hard to get into? All I wanted was some sweet lemon-flavoured sugar-based powder. But you had to make it so I accidentally slashed myself in the hand with some scissors. I now have little use for my left hand, for i can’t grasp anything without the plaster getting in the way. Fortunately I can still type fine, as I can do that without looking anyway and my fingers can move fine without my palm.

I hate writing my CV. It’s annoying. I have to write and write mindless nonsense no one wants to read. Seriously, what the hell are my hobbies?! Ugh. Boredom.

Gotta get back to it…

– Time

P.S. Extras updated shortly.



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