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Another Year, More Resolutions January 1st, 2012

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Right. New years. Well, these are last year’s resolutions:

I will write more and be on the internet less

I will at least attempt not to get so annoyed at my little sisters

I will do something creative and/or constructive on Mondays and Thursdays rather than sneaking onto the internet

I will finish that damn Airfix Spitfire

I shall survive another year, unless I get murdered, and if I do it’d better be interesting!

I got 2/5… Not bad, considering the year I’ve had.

2011 was, officially, the worst year of my life so far. There is no doubt in my mind on that. It was also the best goddamn year I’ve ever had. No. I’m not explaining. You guys should know, if I kept my blog properly.

To this years resolutions…

1. I will pass my GCSEs to the best of my ability.

2. I will write more. A lot more.

3. I will be good to those I love.

4. I will get a schedule and stick to it – regardless of if I want to do something else.

5. I will keep my appearance better than I do at current.

6. I will spend more time with my friends once my Mum has recovered.

7. I will take care of my health for once.

8. I will not let the demons get to me.

9. I will not let the morons/mortals/muggles/normal people/idiots/strangers get me down.

10. I will successfully survive another year without dying.

11. I will finish that damn Airfix Spitfire.

I think I can manage that. What are your resolutions?

– Time



1. Mimo1099 - January 3rd, 2012

Um, no need to ask about THAT. Airfix Spitfire? Really? I agree about the morons/mortals/muggles/normal people/idiots/strangers thing. If you die, well, see you on the other side. Demons are BEEEAAASSSTTT. Well…. here are my resolutions.

1: I will think about Pottermore without babbling from impatience.

2: I will spend time in my bedroom without having clothes all over the place and garbage under my bed.

3: I will spend devoted time to cleaning my room 🙂

4: I will beat Saints Row by January 30th.

5: I won’t let biatches and girl demons get to me.

6: I will go to a Justin Bieber concert (don’t judge me)

7: I will finish my novel

8: I won’t bicker with my sister — as often 😉

9: I will make sure my father gives me more freedom (Thanks Timey)

10: I will learn to play chess

11: I will solve that damn Rubik’s Cube

Timegirl - January 5th, 2012

1. Good.
2. Good. I need to do that, too.
3. Wow.
4. Good luck.
5. Beat them up.
6. No judging. I wanna go to a Lady Gaga concert.
7. I wanna proofread.
8. Awww WHHHHHY?
9. Very good. (No problem)
10. It’s not hard – I know the rules. But I’m no good at it, mind.
11. Oh… dear…

I have finished the majority of the the Spitfire, since I’ve been busy with other things, I haven’t got round to the transfers. That’s all. I finished the body of it before breakfast.

Mimo1099 - January 7th, 2012

Oh, that’s why I love talking to you, Time. You make everything humorous with the bonus of British posh-ness. Rubik’s cube isn’t THAT hard. What I meant by solving is solving under a minute! I can solve it in 3… THAT’S TOO LOONG!!!

Timegirl - January 7th, 2012

I try. I do. I really do. (That was actually a quote.)

… I can’t and won’t try.


Mimo1099 - January 7th, 2012

Oh, and yes. You may proofread.

2. Mimo1099 - January 3rd, 2012

And by the way, I got an Airfax Spitfire last Christmas from my Aunt. I finished it in 3 days.

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